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Summer season

Apt. for 4-8 people from € 132,-- from € 120,--

Winter season

Apt. for 4-8 people from € 180,-- from € 150,--


Booking information - important information and details about the hotel terms and conditions are below.

Cancellations are only valid in writing.
The provisions of the Austrian hotel contract obligations apply.

Short-term cancellation as well as in case of early departure, we must charge you the full price for the entire stay. Cancellations that are 3 months prior to arrival are free of charge.
After this period, 80% of the total stay will be charged - we recommend you to take out a travel cancellation insurance via

Bei einem Aufenthalt bis zu 3 Tagen erlauben wir uns, einen Kurzaufenthaltszuschlag von 10% zu verrechnen.For a short stay up to 3 days, we take a surcharge of 10%.
Zahlungsmöglichkeit: ausschließlich BarzahlungPayment method: cash only

On the day of your arrival, you are entitled to your booked accommodation after 3pm.